6" Steel Wood Lathe Face Plate, 1-1/4" x RH 8tpi Threaded Set Screw

45.47 $



  • 7/16″ Thick Steel Faceplate – Heavy and Rigid, 1-1/4″ Thread Depth
  • 8 Offset Screwholes on 2 guide rings for easy centering
  • Locking set screw for use on reversing lathes
  • Flat spots cut on back spigot for easy removal from lathe
  • Some Powermatic & Laguana lathes may require Maxwood 5144 spacer behind this faceplate (extra long spindle on these)
  • Set screw to lock on spindle for reverse turning

This is a well made, heavy faceplate. At 7/16″ thick, it is rigid and well balanced.