2" Diameter Bowl Sander Foam Hook & Loop Pad 9” Long Hardwood Handle

38.99 $


  • The 2” Foam Padded Bowl Sander is used for finish sanding and polishing of work pieces while your project is spinning on your lathe. This alone makes the Bowl Sander a must have for any woodturner. Being able to safely and accurately sand contours while your project is spinning on your lathe is essentially a must and this bowl sander definitely delivers.
  • Avoid marking your wood. This is often associated with sanding by hand. The Bowl Sander head rotates with the rotation of your workpiece. This along with light pressure when sanding keep the sandpaper from digging in or causing unnecessary friction which tends to cause burning or marking your wood
  • With its long 9” hardwood handle, the bowl sander easily reaches into places that are otherwise inaccessible when hand sanding or using other devices.
  • The head assembly of the bowl sander can be set and locked at almost any usable angle. This gives you superior flexibility when making adjustments for just the perfect position when sanding.
  • The Bowl Sander comes with 10 each 100 grit 2” sanding discs that fit directly on the hook and loop foam padded head. Any hook and loop 2” disc will work with this unit. Full instructions are also included.

To reduce marking or burning of your wood, the head rotates freely in either direction with the rotation of your project. This along with light pressure while sanding, reduces much of the friction and prevents the head from digging into the wood producing exceptional results in comparison to standard sanding. The head assembly is also adjustable to most any angle needed. This provides you with the ability to position the bowls sander exactly as you need it.