All About Wood Lathes

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A wood lathe is a type of machinery, generally used in turning industrial products for ornamental purposes. In a nutshell, a lathe uses a rotation device that spins parallel to the surface, and with the help of different tools, it can create unique cuts and designs with a solid block of material. Lathe tools reformat an object by cutting, drilling, knurling and sanding, providing symmetrically designed products turned on a lathe.

From all types of lathe machinery, including the lathes used for pottery or jewelry, the wood lathe is the oldest. And without doubt, the different tools used for wood turning are the most part of the entire lathe machinery. This variety of tools used with wood lathes consists of different chisels, used for creating the unique designs and patterns resulted from wood turning. And the amazing thing about a wood lathe is not the unique designs or patterns, but the fact that it can produce a completely finished work entirely on its own. While most tools employed in industrial production require tools that are separate from the machine to finish the design, a lathe has its chisel tools attached directly to the lathe, allowing it to do all the work at once.

To better understand the concept, these wood turning tools of a wood lathe take a solid wood object and turn it into a symmetrical ornament, such as a table or chair leg. With the help of a wood setup, a woodworker will be able to duplicate identical wood parts, so all table or chair legs are the same.

Wood turning has a lot of different shapes, styles and designs to offer, possible through a wide range of accessories for wood lathes. And with nowadays’ amazing advances in technology and machinery, the accessories are more proficient than ever. The most commonly used tools in wood turning are the gouge, the spear chisel, the skew chisel, the parting chisel and the round-nose chisel.

In order to get the best results and products, a woodworker has to know all the different tools used in a wood lathe, and understand their unique characteristics, features and capabilities. Understanding how each tool works is essential for the proper usage of a wood chisel, and the best results come with a lot of practice. For more detailed information, search online for the different types of wood lathe tools, and read about each tool in particular. And remember, practice makes perfect.